Thursday, July 28, 2005

Happy Happy YAY

So... my birthday's just been (27th July). WOoHOO. Im a spritely young 26.

I got another monkey shirt from Tracey. Its the best, a cute little gorilla with a snowboard.

I now have 7 monkey shirts :) One for each day of the week.

I've also got a brand new crumpler barney rustle blanket bag. Its the business :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tuesday Blerghing

Well... Weeks go quickly..

I'm turning 26 in a week. Getting older, fatter, wiser and grumpier. I'd hoped to use this blog as an output of humour and technology, but I find myself mentally crushed after a day of "work", and all I feel like doing is chillin in front of the TV. Blergh!

The Ruby on Rails camp have... Barely redeemed themselves with 0.13.1 after pushing 0.13 out the door with some poor bugs. Fortunately, the framework is good enough to overlook this sloppy style release.... Once.
That was a couple of weeks ago.

While Rails rocks, Im somewhat sceptical of the way David Heinemeier Hansson talks about it. Sure, he's obviously smart, but he's a bit too "OH WOW.. look at this OH WOW.. look at this OH WOW OK". Its probably very effective for the marketing of rails, but grates slightly.

I plan on checking out DJANGO soon. Its got some tasty features. The one that I like the most is defining data models in code. Now that is full Stack.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ruby on Rails 0.13

Ruby on Rails has just had another milestone release.. 0.13. This framework has been amazing since early on, and just keeps getting better.

The framework is... how web development should be. Less typing, more structure, more consistency and reusability, advanced integrated client javascript, templating, ORM, mailing, scaffolding, simplicity.

Its the most appropriate framework for pretty much all standard web development.

People harp on about the ORM functionality (wah wah its not hibernate)... this is not rails.

Rails is the sum of its parts, and so far every part is brilliant.

I'd like some real world examples of what it cant do, or is inappropriate for.

You wont know your framework sucks, until you try something thats good! That something is Ruby on Rails