Monday, September 26, 2005

Warcraft kicks it :)

In the World that is Warcraft, Shneeky and Drainy have been owning it up big time on Bloodscalp recently.

I played an Undead Warlock called Starva during the beta (he had no jaw and no doubt would be ever hungry). It was a blast. I then got suckered into playing a Rogue, which was also pretty cool for a while... then the coolness petered out. But now... Drainy... gnomish engineering warlock is owning it up in WSG battlegrounds, and generally kicking ass. Its good to have the lock back :)

I'm a big fan of the warlock. Every encounter I'm surprised at how powerful and beefy the stumpy gnome is. He's the ugliest thing on the planet. Vomiting on his head would be an effective way of beautifying him.

And... a little message to my single reader... I'm wearing the pants of anger, and t-shirt of singletness. (no... not really but... my solitary reader.. do not think for one second I dont know who you are!)