Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm in the credits!

So, after lookin at the Invasion of the Body Switchers 2 (iotbs2) I was somewhat surprised to see my name in the credits.
This can be found at Brothercake IOTBS or Stuff And Nonsense And All That Malarkey

Ahh all that time being a pedantic bitch in forums has finally paid off... ALL HAIL NED :)

Wooo console news!


I'm slightly "less hyped" about next gen consoles after reading anandtechs ps3 vs xbox360 article.

I still have hope for the new systems. They are going to be better than current offerings. Hopefully, the next next gen will get it right.

On another note, I'm really starting to dislike accessibility rule
14.1 Use the clearest and simplest language appropriate for a site's content.

It's so subjective, and after reading 150 odd pages of legalise... its really hard to judge what is and isnt "clearest and simplest".

Only another 150 pages to go!! YAY.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


I have a mentoring type role at work. One of the things I've tried to push for is HTML validation at a developer level. Validate your code, then you dont make silly mistakes.

A question came up this week about why an iframe's "innerHTML" was not functioning correctly! (Think

If you dont fully understand DOM, read about the elements you're thinking of using before you use them. There isnt a lot to learn, but guesswork will help no one, and may be detrimental, considering some browsers may display the content... in a way you are expecting.

When building software (be it front or backend) the bugs.. if any.. should be related to flawed logic, not flawed syntax or document structure. Think of HTML validation like a "compiler" for html. It makes sure its correct.

Let the tools out there help. Do less typing. Keep it simple, predictable, reusable.
Its easier for everyone :)

World of Wowcraft

I want to be 60!! I want uber gear.. I want to slay dragons and giants!

It's taking forever. I've been level 50 for what feels like an eternity!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Can I be bothered :)

As you will notice from this post.. i dont have a structure to how I write. It'd be nice if i was a professional writer :).. but I'm not. Ironically, English was the only class I passed in my last year of school.

Well im going to hold off on the new template/css. I'm not an artist, and without having a specific goal, I find myself lacking in the motivation department :).

If someone... anyone has some creative I could use for my template, please write some contact details in comments, and I'll turn my blog into your creative (provided its classy)

The one point I'd like to enforce across all web programming

Keep it simple!
Its the web.. we serve strings to a browser. Do it.. the documented proper way. (hah, who says its proper).

Read up on justifications of standards if you have an argument with that :).

Stuff that rocks:
Ruby on Rails
This rocks more than pretty much everything else web related. I couldnt sleep for 2 days after discovering this gem (hah little pun) of a framework. Still it enthrals me :). Rather than harp on about it, go find out at

CSS + HTML/XHTML + standards
I dont care how much experience you have, go learn CSS and tableless layouts if you havnt already.

It's ironic that developers can talk about seperation of layout, business and logic layers and elegance.... but then mash everything together for the HTML... which is the bit that EVERY client will receive.

These technologies are easy and fun :)

If you know how to build stuff in tables, then forget everything you know, and go learn the real way :) (css zen garden, alistapart, w3schools, sitepoint whatever... just do it).

tables = tabulated data. Remember that.

If you know what you are doing, you do more work with less writing.
You become more efficient, more work is reusable. Dont punish yourself and clients by refusing to learn the "right" way.

Google owns me. Without Google.. i'd be a lot worse off in the knowledge department.

.NET 2.0
The next generation of .NET looks to be uber. Master pages, themes, IDE integration, Web server integration.. it really looks like MS have pulled the finger out. (lets hope multiple forms come). The drag and drop components come out as valid HTML. This is all out of the box.

.NET 1.1 was a pile of garbage for web work. I think MS suffered the problems described above in the CSS + HTML section.

Javascript + DOM + XMLHTTPRequest
We all know about Ajax these days. I've been using it for a few years in one way or another. The uptake is becoming a lot better, thanks to the coining of the term Ajax.

No longer do we have to hide iframes and get their onload events to populate divs. YAY.

DOM is cool. I've worked with people who know the buzzword DOM but get lost in their own complex brains so that no one can use/modify/read the code. Maybe years ago I was like that. Keeping it simple is where the power is.

Stuff thats... indifferent
Java... and its plethora of frameworks (hibernate, spring, struts.. whatever)
XSLT... *sigh* (why do people use this for HTML output?)
I dunno.. everything thats not listed above in the "Rocks" section :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


So I have a blog now.

This is going to be a place where I can dump my thoughts on web programming (programming for the web), standards, simplicity, accessibility, usability and all that stuff with "ity" at the end. I'll probably get sick of doing that at some point, and branch out into other areas.

I've been addicted to computers for ages. I remember Dad bringing home one of the first "portable" PCs, a big monochrome beast about 30kgs and the size of 2 slabs.
State of the art PCs ran some archaic version of DOS, there were no hard disks, you were lucky if you had 360k disks, and colours other than orange and black.

Now I've got 50 times more RAM than the size of the first hard disk we had, more colours than I can count... and anyway.. whatever :), all that bit is just an echo from the millions of others who are writing their first blog entry.

Technology rocks.

I'm gonna go try my hand at a custom template, and write another entry when I'm done.